iPalms 520S

by Breo-dev

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The?iPalm 520S Electric Hand Massager?is rooted in traditional Chinese medical science's Meridian Acupoint Massage Theory.?Thousands of years of Chinese medicine practice has shown that meridians are distributed throughout the human body and that frequent?massage stimulation of the acupoints of these meridians has a positive effect on our health. Meridians link the internal organs with the palm, making the palm a reflection zone of the health status of the organs. Regular and proper stimulation of the palm can benefit the internal organs in the long run.

The iPalm 520S combines air pressure and heat compression technology to knead the entire hand and palm?stimulating the acupoints?in a waving rhythm, simultaneously increasing circulation and relieving the hand and fingers of any soreness, numbness, or stiffness and symptoms of carpal tunnel.