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Reviews from the Breo user community.

I love this scalp massager.

"It helps with my chronic head pain, feels wonderful and does not pull out or tangle my hair."


The Best massage ever!

“I love this massager. It is simple to use, easy to hold in palm of hand, and the massage is serious. This massager has been made to find your scalp and truly massage it! It is not abrasive by any means. It is just right. I have natural curly hair and it did not mess up my curls. I am thoroughly impressed.

Amazon Customer

Highly Recommend!

“This scalp massager is a life saver, every time I get a severe headache and use this for ten minutes, the pain eases a lot. The tiny rubber spikes scratching the scalp is very comfortable. Plus it’s waterproof, so it’s very enjoyable in they bathtub!”


Can’t believe the value

I was shocked to know you can use this in the shower as it is waterproof. I found the scalp massager even better than when my head is dry.



Our products are rooted in philosophy, both traditional Chinese medicine and user experience design, merging the past with the future to provide simple, extraordinary experiences that improve day-to-day life for our customers. 

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